EvON Medics is the developer of the unique and patented olfactory treatment delivery systems (OTDS), invented by EvON Medics co-founder, Dr. Evaristus Nwulia. OTDS is an advanced device that delivers nerve enriching and protective compounds, including botanical extracts  into the olfactory regions of the brain. This application has also been refined for intensive stimulation of selective brain regions that serve important functions, such as emotion control, regulation of drives and cognitive appraisal.

One of products derived from the OTDS paradigm is the computerized olfactory training program (COT). COT is currently being applied for repairs of damaged brain circuits in Alzheimer’s Disease and brain trauma. In basic studies, COT regrows new brain cells and protects the brain from damages caused by infections, toxins and other adverse environmental factors. We are also testing other applications of OTDS for treatment of drug addiction, chronic pain and depression that is refractory to medication management. Our application for management of drug addiction – computer-based orbitofrontal training (CBOT) – targets the prefrontal brain region, a part of the brain that helps with regulation of drives and emotions.