The medical therapeutics industry is churning disruptive innovations at breakneck speed. Conventional regimens are fast becoming obsolete with the innovation of technologies with superior therapeutic results. Evon Medics brings the future of medical treatment today with its use of botanical substances and technology to provide natural and side effect-free remedies for chronic diseases that have remained elusive to treatment.

Charles Nwaokobia, MBA

Chief Operating Officer, EvON Medics llc

We provide therapeutics for ...

Alzheimer's Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases

We have developed the only FDA IND (investigational new drug) exempt approved therapeutic device to actually slow and reverse the progression of Alzheimer's Disease. Our clinical results show an average of 5 points improvement in cognition loss after 6 months of treatment

Opioid Use Disorder

Our home-based non-invasive neuromodulation technology acts through rigorous targeted stimulation of the brain to reduce recurrent drug relapse in OUD patients with high relapse history. Our studies showed diminished withdrawal symptoms and reduced drug cravings in patients

Chronic pain

Changes to the proprietary compositions of the odorant molecules in our device help with pain acutely, in addition to the long-term effect on chronic pain. Chronic pain, especially back pain is a huge problem in the US; and it is a driver to prescription of narcotic pain killers, which is causing the rising opioid overdoses and deaths

Traumatic Brain Injury

Our solution is the only therapeutic that restores brain function after injury. It is also a natural treatment with no side effects. It improves cognition loss and reduces depressive symptoms in Traumatic Brain Injury patients

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Large scale clinical trials are ongoing for continuous testing of our treatments for Opioid Use Disorder and Alzheimer's Disease

Our pipeline

We have an exciting pipeline of therapeutics for other chronic diseases in various stages of clinical trials. We are also obsessed with the relentless pursuit to improve on our current technologies to make them smarter, more user friendly and affordable